Several factors determine your grade in this course. They are weighted approximately as follows:

Component Weight
Projects: programming component 30%
Projects: quiz component 30%
Mid-Term 1 20%
Mid-Term 2 20%

The exact grading scheme may be adjusted during the course. However, a typical breakdown of percentages and final grades for this course are A (93-100), A- (90-92), B+ (87-89), B (83-86), B- (80-82), C+ (77-79), C (73-76), C- (70-72), D+ (67-69), D (60-66), F (0-59).

Your current grades are always available on Gradescope. You must track your own performance throughout the class.

Academic Honesty

All projects, quizzes, and exams that you submit must entirely be your own individual work. Rest assured that violations will be caught, and dealt with swiftly by assigning a failing grade. To ensure that you do not run afoul of the academic honesty policy, follow these rules:

  1. Do not discuss projects with other students, (past or present) other than course staff. This includes all verbal, electronic, or handwritten discussions.
  2. Do not attempt to search for code on the internet to assist you in your projects.
  3. Do not leave your computer unattended, or accessible to other students in the class. Make sure your login is secure.

Late Homework

  1. Each project has a programming component, and a quiz component. Late days are computed as the later of the two. If you submit the programming component before the due date, but the quiz component one day after the due date, the entire project will be judged to be a day late.
  2. You may use a total of five late days over all the projects without penalty, for unexpected circumstances.
  3. After the late days are used up, the value of the project is decreased by 10% for each additional late day.
  4. Projects more than 7 days late will not be accepted.
  5. Late days are computed by rounding up: for example, two minutes late, two hours late, or 23 hours late all count as one late day. Thus, if you miss a deadline by a few minutes, it is better if you get a good night’s sleep and then submit the late project any time within the next 24 hours.

Late penalties will be applied at the end of the semester using submission times logged on Gradescope.